Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The struggle I suffer in silence,
because honestly who really cares,
in this self consumed society.
Each entity fearful of their future,
enveloped in their past of blame,
shoot down any unlike them.
I tire some so Ill take respite in I,
hold my own heart my own hand,
accept Im a separate til the end.
when you understand
your words
mean jack shit
to many

you will recognise
whom are
worth your pearls
very few

me myself I

To kick myself pointless
To trust myself dangerous
To know myself impossible
To love myself invaluable
Hackles high insecurity rears.
Exclusive heart willing victim.
Separate remain I inclusive.
Detriment via owns soul.
Desire fantasy alone safe.
Recupe spark from All.
I shall... leave well... alone... for... I am
stomach numb
churning nauseous
reflections obvious
naivety bloom
humbled ego
accepting is

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Water Babes

A stream of studies
Throughout the day
Water babes we seek
Miniature aliens probed
Babbling beauty of brook
Chatter the childer
Focus excites the determined
Exploring delights whimsy
Capture renews all interest
Pleasant days heat
In shade cool respite
Retire satisfied spent

sleep under starry sky

lazy flame seductive dance...
consuming limbs the beaconed dark...
signals drift away on high...
no heed paid to ceiling green...
journeys into gray of night...
sentries stark strong silent calm...
liquid babbling serenity fills air...
delicious sprite coolly wafts...
regulating my containment...
liberating my commune with mother...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

How to say...
Like the wind that leaves me breathless...
You take my breathe away...
As the sunrise touched peachypinks...
I blossom in your rays...
How to say...
So precious diamonds in dark sky...
You radiate vast distant true...
Winter waves ever swell from deep...
My essence drifts to you...
How to say...

Friday, March 12, 2010

a stroll to the village

bluesky splotched white
nipple exciting breeze
gulls lament beyond
fresh cut lawn
traffic sound
like in seashell
commuters polluters
point of view
composing or posing
homeless or degenerate
calling to me no
bro Im not your cuz
colour me brown
steel pain coldest heat
a scream outside of me
running off into the night
I follow leaving behind
some of import
but follow I must
for you took my....
Sitting in head. Following a thread.
Fact or Fiction.
Product of mind. trying to define.
Fact or Fiction.
- I have missed you - Such a beautiful ride - You excite me -
he comes again
silent persistent
taking me slowly
but surely I fight
am overcome by
him his dark world
measure moments love
by heart not head for
worse thoughts arent said to
measure moments love
darkest beauty silent - crickets mating call
darkest beauty spans - beyond knowledge all
darkest beauty encompass - space big and small
- heat rests heavy -
- skin fire shy -
- cool respite wafts -
- radiance seeps -
- stifling room -
- numb -

- breeze in sweetly -
- caressing my length -
- longing for more -

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Insecurities find me.

Perceive evermore.

Connected self...

Stable mind...

Relevant in society.

In foetal I hide.

I know I am...

Know what I'm not...

Forged of promiscuity.

Reared inspite.

Denial of obscenity's...

Courage false pride...

Drown in inferiority.

Ugly face refried.

this grief I give to thee these tears release for me those

words I wont regret things done I cant forget gift me love

Love please relieve the anguish deep search for wisdom

in your word guide through lessons to learn
Subsidence of mind
Eternal climb
drift through ~ ride my waves ~ enjoy the ride ~ wave goodbye
Like a flower ~ that opens to the light ~ and shuts out the dark ~ so is my heart


~ faux emo ~
~ doubt wins the day ~
~ sick
~ deep
~ death
~ wont come