Sunday, July 22, 2012

You Bright Star

it was written
just wait you'll see
the day will come there he'll be

never certain of those words 
thought I saw in many great design
I came to mistrust my heart mistrust my mind
I gave up ready to settle as I always had 
knowing true love I'd not have

- star glitter in my night - far away a stunning sight - in you bright star I delight -

there you were 
as bright as day a pure energy 
dazed I couldn't believe

never known one so magnetic 
the design I desired, there and so perfect 
I gave thanks and I counted the stars that night
my heart soared my spirit high
you were there in my life

- star glitter in my night - far away a stunning sight - in you bright star I delight -

my faith restored
given this beautiful truth of you
I could settle no more

each moment I can with you
though deep in every cell you are
I wish I could explain how you resonate for me
if only I had the words to give
love lives for you

- star glitter in my night - far away a stunning sight - in you bright star I delight -

count the stars every night

Saturday, July 21, 2012

- I track you in my mind of my day - 
Sweetest voice not far from my ear 
- Your tones vibe through me - 
I need no sun the rain shines
- Vibrant soul alights all about -
Thankful for thee

Thursday, July 19, 2012


what was before
is to come
realizing we are one
beyond the body
our infinite
eternal thread


whisper thin filaments
of silken seed carrier
glisten in the sun
a zephyr brings life
to the life giver

we are the future

in this day
of our age
we are closer
than ever the world has been
we share our days
our nights
we share the wrongs
the rights
a stranger is only such
til the first hello
global friends
international lovers
yins and yangs
creating harmony
some still wreaking havoc
for human we still are
but we have
the world in our hands
at our fingertips
we can move mountains
break time space barriers
we are the future

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

faith will follow

(picture of a rose - heart yellow through peach to pink tipped petals)

natural perfection so hard to find - in this world of faux
but such I have found
like the scent of a rose an essence so true
we have found truth
the universe whispers and sighs for it can't deny
what has come to pass
joy seductive flows about - only what we know
in the now of this time
be one with one alone - trust in hope
faith will follow

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#Time - time with you flows free and fast - time apart is eternal - time our enemy -
17 July 2012
#NOW - clouds tumble over mountains - I remember dinosaurs -
17 July 2012
- an exhausted calm - reminiscent of after love - days of old -
16 July 2012
- the rains have come - the day dawns as dusk - the trees dance in the breeze -
- in contemplation I think of thee -
16 July 2012
I wanted to sing to declare. That my love it is always here for you. 
I wish I could sing and declare my love is here for you.
14 July 2012
~ in my addled mind ~ you bring clarity ~ a beautiful serenity ~ soul security ~ life ~
27 June 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

sunning my third eye
for a radiant mind
aware of my foot fall 
being thankful now
inhaling cool fresh air
feeling love flow
thinking of one

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

the dance

we danced under the stars 
the night was our song
our heart beats the music
the air biting our warm skin
breathe upon breathe
pressed close we kiss
fireworks consume us

Friday, July 6, 2012

The firmament like water in the sky
Takes the breathe away 
Glimpsing the

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day USA

Red White And Blue
The Mighty Nation Celebrates Independence
Influenced The World
Leader Of Leaders
Mighty USA
Happy Birthday Of This Age

Monday, July 2, 2012

I am thankful

I am thankful
for the love I thought I would never know,
the nature that graces me with it's beauty, its light.

I am thankful
for the trials and the errors of my life,
the special lessons learnt, amazing people met.

I am thankful
for the depths I know and can feel,
the sun that warms, rains that wet, and the wind blows.

I am thankful
for the mysteries and the hidden agenda,
the knowledge gained and wisdom sown.

I am thankful
for the now I get to feel I get to breathe,
the moments I get to share with all with thee.

I am thankful

2nd July

Sunday, July 1, 2012

 - connected -

Sitting with the world in his lap.
He marvels at the places he has been,
the artists he has seen, and all this before breakfast.
What amazing times we live in he thinks to himself.
8 Feb 2011  

After breakfast, before workout n work

                - Go Between -
He woke to her voice the voice he loved. Opening his eyes seeing the smile he loved.
"Hey yourself"
Wrapping his arms around her as she lay upon his chest. Gently kissing tasting her beautiful lips.
She groaned in pleasure his warmth so close so real.
Turning over she did not wake to the man she loved.
Opening her eyes not seeing the smile she loved.
"Hey yourself" 
He wasn't the first to leave it was likely he'd be the last.
Another gone off on a limb in her life.  
Such heartbreak existing as a mere,
Go Between.

 3rd Feb 2011 - Camelia


Rolling through the data before his eyes, his 4D contacts making it all the more real. 
He couldn't help but feel compassion, for they were a strong people inventive, creative and progressive.
Yet they were also a greedy, vain, secretive and untrustworthy.
 At the height of their technical evolution it was their 'souls' or the desecration of their bodies and minds that was their ruin.
Not as the wide spread 'hype' of their time suggested at 'the desecration of the Earth' and all it's inhabitants, would bring their demise.
No it was their minds that lost the battle and found them incompetent in the war of self that ensued. 
It seemed their was no 'humanity' all beings segregated to race, age, wealth, sex, and even looks. 
They warred for 7 generations, the richer with sophistication and subtlety, the poor viciously without finesse. 
Few were left and those were the thinkers. 
The only ones capable of not being swallowed by the terror that consumed 'humanity'.
The only ones able to see what their hive mind had produced and not get sucked into the madness.
These were his ancestors, the first ones of the New World.
Closing the page he looked out at the beautiful garden his people had nurtured, primped.

His smile perfect in the reflection of the pond.
He bent down touching the water he watched his face morph, distort, and contort.
Standing he wondered at this feeling of discomfort that had come over him.
Shrugging it off he continued on running a hand over his hair and face.