Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yatton Park

This is the park where I spent many a day as a youngun.
The grounds were as gorgeous back then as they are now.
We would climb trees swim in the ponds and run wild.

When we were a little older and without parent supervision.
We scaled the banks through bush and swam in the 'river or estuary'
This place holds a lot of fun for me.

My son likes it now for hunting bugs, 
climbing trees and running wild.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Tui Sings A New Tune

From the neighbours trees again.
 A different Tui I believe sings so wonderfully!

The one the other day didn't have the finesse of this one.
Here is his video - tui in the kowhai tree you be the judge.

I believe Tui have the ear of like a Lyre bird in that they can mimic sound.
I just don't think they reproduce it very well.
So they can actually have very different songs though always marked by it eerie beauty.

In my old neighbourhood there used to be one that sounded sick.
He'd do a slight call choke and gurgle it was hilarious.
What he may have heard to get that call I have no idea!

Tui are also frolicksome drunks!
They swoop about crazily protecting their tree and often see,
three or more vying for the same 'choice' tree.

They are beautiful to watch. 

Mostly black birds 
with a metallic peacock blue and emerald green sheen.
A little larger than the 'blackbird'with a white tuft under its chin make it striking.
Has been called The Parson Bird due to this characteristic.

They also have an amazing wing flight sound,
which I hope to capture one day.


Fantail Yatton Park

On our way back through the park we came across this fantail.
They are wonderful little birds and though the video isn't the greatest
hearing his lovely little song is great!

Yatton Park Birdsong

Here is a video/audio of many NZ birds not all are native.
Dept Of Conservation - New Zealand Birdsong
My son and I walked to Yatton Park which is planted with many large, old exotic trees,
 from the wonderful London Plane - Woodland Trust 
to the amazing Bunya Tree - ozpolitic


- in a thought on a walk -

"Hey Mick what's up?"

"Ah John it's useless I tell ya."

"What, what's useless Mick?"

"You know the situation with the guy. I told you 'bout it the other day."

"What guy, which day Mick, you'll have to be more specific."

"Well that's the thing I can't be more specific, it'll land me in trouble John!"

"Oh you're talking about that trouble with the ahh, the guy. Can I say guy?"

"Yes exactly John, you're right to be careful, you don't know where these PC Police might be lurking."

"But how were you meant to identify the guy if you couldn't describe him?"

"I don't know, I just don't know!"

"But I have told them all I could, he was wearing dark clothing and a cap."

"Well that's good Mick."

"But they want more John and I can't give them more."

"He was just an average guy of average height and build sorta I can't say."

"Because it's racist?"

"No No not that!"

"Because it's anti-religion Mick?"

"No No! John."

"What what is it then? For crying out loud!"

"It's anti-fashion John. It's fashist!"

"What what you on about anti-fashion, fashist since when was that a crime?"

"I don't know John! I don't know."

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tui In The Kowhai Tree

Tuesday afternoon in the neighbour's kowhai tree
This tui stopped by to say hello to me
So to my camera I rushed then dashed out the door
To stand on the patio and record this for y'all


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tangible Time Appreciation

Late in the afternoon after a morning in the cyber realm listening to
The Greatest Internet Radio

I said to Cullen "Hey shall we go to McDonalds and get something to eat" 
His reply "You mean KFC?" 
Now this reply was because KFC is maybe 5 mins walk from us,
 where as McD's is approx 30mins. 
So I replied "No, McDonalds"  
His second response a luke warm "hmmm yeah I guess."


So we did in fact get out and walk to Greerton the sky was amazing! 
Piles of cumulus cloud decorated the sky perfectly!
 Like ginormous white bundles of candyfloss. 

The picture below is not one I took. 
It is not even in my country but illustrates perfectly
- candy floss aka cotton candy aka fairy floss -
masquerading as cumulus cloud.

I would love it if we had a fairground like the one pictured here.
The ferriswheel, 
carousel and stalls takes me back, 
to my days as show girl, aka carnie, aka rip off.

picture from and linked to 

I digress. 
Both Cullen and I fascinated at the speed,
 with which these great masses were changing shape.
It was nice to think that the breeze fresh and strong that we could feel. 
Was up there pushing those wonderful forms about.

There was a little traffic and a few people out walking to,
cars were pulling into the liquor store getting ready for the rugby.
I assumed or perhaps just a night of hitting it.


At McD's I had to order enough to fill this growing boy.
I only wanted to try the new Lamb Burger so I had to get that combo.

picture from and linked to

As you can see from the picture this burger has some real qualities.
The egg, tomato and beetroot is a real winner for me.
Though I know my good twitter friend 
@kiwisnake isn't a fan of the tomato or beetroot.

I found it quite satisfying and the patty was for me yumtious!
Cullen who doesn't like change much had a Big Mac,
Cheese Burger, Fries & Lemonade.
When we were half way through our meal I said.
"Shall we go to nan's?"
He was much more forth coming and nodding "yeah okay"


So after we finished we made our way through our old 
neighborhoods back to my childhood home.

picture from and linked to

It was nice to stroll through the memories.
The air had actually smelt like nostalgia earlier.
Maybe it was that smell at the beginning of our walk that made me decide to go see mum.
Olfactory sense is one of the most effectively subconscious influences,
I think our body possesses. 
Here I have found a site that is all about smell I have yet to explore it all.

picture from and linked to
features an interesting article about anosmia

Mum was pleased to see us and gave Cullen a big hug.
Then we saw the new funny face cat that was eating with the other two 
'who once were strays'

Cullen then went to the lounge to watch Sky Kids Stuff.
We don't have Sky TV we don't watch enough to justify such an expense.
Though when NZ goes digital I may have to buy Freeview.

I had a coffee with Mum and Pat. 
Which I had conveniently forgotten I was trying to kick.
This one even came with sugar. 
I haven't had sugar in coffee for a few years now.
But oh it was so good!
Check out the link to my post I wrote only this morning.


Our family have had a bit of a time with a dear family friend having been
diagnosed with stomach cancer and had a few difficulties
during keyhole surgery.
She had a full '6 hour' surgery last week, to remove the cancer after weeks of chemo.
Her surgery was about 10 hours
which had us all a little worried especially as she is in Welly and we aren't.

Caught up on other family drama and for the first time this year spoke of Christmas.
It was like not a mentionable til we knew she would be okay.
Tauranga is looking like the place to be his year which is great should be a good one.

My brother Logan rang to say they were bringing around pizza.
So we caught up with Log, Caryn and my nephew Lil' Sam, oh he is so cute!
I was in for a treat as he didn't cry when he saw me! Yay!
Then when they were going to leave he gave me cuddles. 
Although we jumped in their car for a ride home.
As it was dark out by this time.

So all in all it was a lovely afternoon, evening.


Sometimes I focus so much on what I don't have.
That I forget to remember what I do have.
I am so grateful.
I still can.


Cuttin' The Caffeine

So I had been feeling a little head coldy the past couple of days.
I know I had been sleeping more than enough.
I had however been drinking coffee again,
which seems to come with these side effects for me.
I have been trying (half arse-edly, as is my way) to give coffee up.
As for many a year now I thought it maybe contributing to my lethargy, my listlessness .
So yesterday I stopped, once again and chose tea over coffee.
By lastnight I was feeling markedly different, for the better.

So this morning,
I am again on the tea (spoken like a true drinker)
though I so want for the coffee taste.
(yeah right, so not strung out and shaking, I'm not!)
But I thought I'd ask google about the difference in caffeine content.
I wondered is it the levels of caffeine or perhaps some other chemical reaction.
I was actually really surprised at the extreme differences.

According to diff-en
Coffee is between 80-185mg per 8 ounce cup depending on bean & brew.
Tea is between 17 - 70mg again depending on type & brew.
I really like this diff-en site, I will read through more thoroughly.
(one day)
It does mention how tea releases it's caffeine slower,
 thereby being a more gentle brew for the body.
I think it can answer most the questions I have about,
composition, the benefits, and negative effects, which is fantastic!

Ciao for now!
 I'm off to get another 'tea'
That just doesn't have the impact of
"second coffee"

Picture from

Friday, August 17, 2012

Melancholy and the Mountain

Melancholy and the Mountain

Aimlessly I walked mostly numb partly tearful.
Not knowing where I was heading til I met a juncture.
Then I just went with the flow.

Upon footpath along high trafficked road I strolled.
Awkwardly as if only recently obtaining this clunky suit (body)
Each step not fluid had to be purposely placed.
I pondered at this oddity which afflicted me as I continued.

Along the straight plateau I could see furthest ranges usually.
Not today they were invisible beneath layers of heavy cloud.
I sympathised with them I understood just how they felt.

The sun shone warm upon me I breathed deep.
Trying to inhale the joy in that light, not quite getting there.
Back to watching my footfall, still urked by its difficulty.

I started hearing the bird song, shrill and perfect from gnarled boughs.
It touched my heart, gifting a moments release and a smile.

Then returned the whats, the whys and the horrid why nots.
Numb again wrapping itself about my heart.

I breathed in colours, a single purple daisy the colour of my shirt.
That daisy stood alone, ‘neath a scrubby bush amongst the grassy weed.
Vibrant and so brilliant, I smiled and sent gratitude, admiration.

I was constantly reminded of a beauty I have and this bought joy and sadness.
But the joy so deep, had me locked in even before the numb choked me.
I gave thanks and was rewarded with the beauty of the wild ornamental grass.
The gnarled willow with its symbiotic relationships it supported so proud.

Honey bees buzzed around the flowers of the blue grey green of gum.
A truck sat with lights on unattended.
I smiled at this and how some things never change.
I noted the local gambling spot was free of cars, the absence surprised me.

I smiled and took in the colours of the traffic the sounds and the people about.
People in their cars, on the bus, on a bench having a smoke sharing a laugh.
The walking, working, the coughing and spluttering behind me, I cringed and shook.

I saw looks of possible recognition, smiled and waved at courteous drivers.
Stopping to let me cross the road, not acknowledging me though.
My mood was lifting and I was releasing more and more hopelessness.
Releasing stagnant despair, my step was more natural, almost a glide.

I still didn’t know where I was going I just kept on.
People dressed down dressed up and for no particular season.

I came to stairs that’d take me to a lookout point so up I did go.
Looking out to the eastern ranges, they were felt close enough to touch.
Then to the south, over the shopping village into suburbia.
Two stood on rooftop, beyond hung the grey clouds low.
The south west mountains felt a long way off, but was nice to extend my view.

I noticed the naked trees bore fruit at the end of their limbs, making a stunning canopy above me.
In contrast boxed hedging and camellia bushes mingled in the ménage.
I caressed the rough bark of naked trees, the soft petal and shiny leaf of camellia shrub.
I descended back to the land of where one must dwell, reluctantly.

Paying attention to the colours leaves webs raindrops and the sounds.
Birds chirping, winged flight, people nattering, and traffic squeaking, roaring.
I breathed it all in and it felt good, now was always good, if I could find it.

Nearing a possible destination new plantings of rusted reds vibrant oranges.
Of yellows so cheery and bright my spirit soared in delight at this sight, I was thankful.
One elder passed with an impressed stare at the beauty so new to me.

I entered the library small but welcoming with that characteristic murmur.
Happy children were in this place not so happy parents were to, I didn’t understand.
Not knowing what I was wanting I browsed, paid my bill and left with many a story book.

Back on the street I walked through the streets the stairs took me from previously.
I saw a beautiful golden retriever at his masters feet he saw me, we didn’t get to meet.
Some faces were grim others non-descript, I flipped open my borrowed book and read.
My step free and way seemingly clear to avoid mishap, interesting I thought.

I returned on the same path I ventured in on and I noticed the mountains now stood clear.
The cloud still low had moved further away showing the stark contrast of black range on white sky.
I smiled and felt warm inside, the sun still shone the traffic still ran the birds still sang.

So as I walked and reclaimed some sense of self and journey many questions asked.
Only one seemed answered, to write, that was it, to write from my mind or other.
I am not sure of either to answer with certainty, as I know not what I’m meant to write.
But I have started with this, though I have inflicted my words upon many already.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The brightest stars have dark spots this is not to be feared
this is a natural and necessary phenomenon

Monday, August 6, 2012


Talk of Terror
Talk of rhetoric
Talk of Tinseltown

How 'bout gumbo, yummy fried chicken and a good hoe down.



each day when you wake
find that smile in your heart
let it shine lighting your way

you are the torch bearer
keeper of the flame
let it burn bright

hold it high
none can douse it
but you

glory glory be

once again the world unites 
to flex the nations beauties
they strive for golden pride
carry their country men on their shoulders
a spectacle for and of the civilized world
glory glory be