Tuesday, December 24, 2013


When the world was full of wonder...

Do you remember when?


We have forgotten simple wonder. 
Life's magic is buried beneath worry and fear. 
Just because we are adults it does not mean it isn't there.
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For You

Find your dreams & live them. 
Re-ignite your life, your loves & appreciate them. 
You're awesome there is none other like You. 
Be strong. 
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May regret not follow you.
May foresight keep you real.
May hindsight fill those spaces,

dark, lonely and confused.
May love come to you.
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Life is Learning is Life

Love, let go
Life's an adenture
Truth a fading mystery
Explore examine history
Life is Learning
Learning is Life
Question what's right
11:47 - 19 Dec 2013

Anxiety My Friend

Anxiety has become my best friend.
I need to choose better friends.
07:55 - 08 June 2013

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Monday, December 23, 2013

22 Dec 2013 - Selection -

A selection from 22 December 2013

Im looking at the vices I have conquered & yet to conquer. 
Who will I stop serving in 2014. 
Who will not profit off my weakness any longer?

Change has to happen or we all will perish. 
By we I mean the air, the land, the water & all the inhabitants of this blue beauty.


There are no more tomorrows. There is only today. To live, love and play.

You know I love you

You know I love you. Maybe I always will. Thank you for everything. It was magical. May your journey be one of beauty. Love be with you.

tweet - 11:54 - 19 Dec 2013

My Inklings

These inklings were thought of and tweeted in real time. 
Start time 22:55 - 19 Dec 2013 - End time 23:31 - 19 Dec 2013
They follow my journey of seeing the world as I do from when I was a young girl through til today.

1st inkling: trusting those who are there to take care of you & don't. (I think ppl do the best they can, some end up learning some don't.)

2nd inkling: Sunday school "Jezabelle caked in make up drippin jewels wicked one!" Later ladies caked in make up drippin jewels leave church

3rd inkling: no one listens to anyone. Arguments lead to fights. Everyone is wrong everyone is right. No one learns. It makes no sense.

4th inkling: for fashion's sake. Everyone had to have what was HOT whether they needed it or not. None created their own just copy clones.

5th inkling: regurgitated crap roll over fashions in all industries nothing original. No new plots, themes, ideals. Cookie cutter conformity

6th inkling: More more more! Food, clothing, cars, houses, homes, holidays. LESS family time 'kid gardens' MORE pressure stress. Less sanity

7th inkling: govts & corps opening loop holes pulling together in secrecy to tye all their little agendas up carry out 'the bigger picture'

Now: panic as 'terror' rhetoric isn't enough, agendas being pushed hard, glamour greed at it's peak, human rights being breached, reality TV

When people say, "There is peace and security," then sudden destruction will come upon them 1 Thes3 5:3

Learning to live
and let go.
Learning to love
and let go.
I don't want
to miss a moment.
By holding on
to what has been
and what has gone.
10:47 - 19 Dec 2013

This piece was inspired by David Meade's - @checkback

For me this piece made me think about the life I am living 
and the life that is being lived around me.
For me I think the piece gives food for thought
and I think some good messages.