Saturday, April 24, 2010

Natures kiss ~
Promises this ~
Beauty stark ~
Transitions dark ~
Always true ~
Simplicity you ~
Phoenix rise ~
Consecrating fires ~
Levelling forces ~
Tempest courses ~
Egoless might ~
Contest fight ~
Immortal Youth ~

Finding Wings

Observing beauty of perfection vast...
I know tis not my last...
Faith laced within each breath...
Attend breeze to guide my step...
Curses given of a moment...
Enlightened by the experience darkness broken...
Releasing ego seeing self true...
Tides of love safety of you...
By will of the Most...
With a soul of the Ghost...
As ego of the Son...
Of this time I worship None...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Losing It

To lose faith:
in humanity is mind blowing,
in love is heart breaking,
in self is soul shaking,
in life is death living.

"Chasing the Sun leads to no end"

The obstacles,
are real,
though not all there is.

There is beauty beyond,
if we,
can only see.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

~The pendulum of lust swings.
Manchurian doth sing.
An unknown tune.
The sound keeps me true.
Universe cyber hush.
Manchurian bound spell of lust~
Your load I cannot carry. Personalised for you.
Lets leave it here. Take a stroll.

Sparrow scattered lawn. Cat stretch and yawn.
Squeals of water-play. Warm autumn rays.

Hard tarseal spongy field. Old lemon tree mighty yield.

Shall we continue...


As you wish.

Tyres screech no thud. Pause release breathe hard.
Smile to those on path. Sharing their space with a laugh.

Nearing your home. Playing spot the Gnome.
Sniffing scented blooms. Roses over your fence loom.

Youre home enjoy your eve. I smile and leave.
We have the same destination.
Our journey shapes our soul.
Preparing for the next unknown.

Fear a natural force.
A guide. A curse. A jailer.
Which face has yours.
Happiness is of the heart n head
It isnt Money or lack there of
~ Whats your focus happiness or money~
~Rehydrating self contemplating some, Anika serenades with solemn sound to a stoic day~
~every now and again I get the urge to cut and run ~
I have that urge now
~ To cut myself out of this circle~
~Revelations Mayan End~
~Systems Shift Beyond Own~
~Timewarps Mindsfold Chaos~
~Shifts To Lull Slowing~
~Heart Beat Strong~

Easter Cheers

~ new moon count begins ~
as the first quarter ends
~ we celebrate the death of one ~
with chocolate cheers

~festive fertility~
commercial commodity
consumer society
~resurrect humanity~

~relax unwind summers end~
lay fallow the ground
~prepare for winter cleanse~
burst forth life anew

~refrain contain assess~
~conflict address repair~
~access respite continue~
~ wake too early ~ here too long ~ same old song ~

~ clear blue sky ~ half moon high ~ fresh cool breeze ~ autumn eve ~
Its criminal that you shine so bright, when I only want to curl up in darkness...

I seek and find half dark I'll rest a time in thee...

Being drawn in I let go floating away into deep calm, beyond knowledge consumed by rest.
Time to blaze ~ off into the deepest corners of my mind. Where impossible ~ is nothing and where true love ~ isnt blind.
~The mosquito summons me to put her out of her misery though she tries to evade her fate~
~In darkness the moth dances around the light of global unity then flits off into the night~
To hell and back some will go before their revelation...

When in hell stop... let it all pass by... the chaos confusion the pain... lay low for a time... find anchorage... Love.