Sunday, May 30, 2010


- Her meretricious nature -
- Lead to many indecent proposals -

- I shall soar -
- through starburst -
- know more than is -
- sense was is and will -

- for now I seek -
- brief respite in sleep -
- battle the monsters -
- from the deep -


- beyond the flesh - the aged soul - resembles not its vessel -
#vanity #truth

-natural age-
-not the norm-
-subject ridicule scorn-
-shallow minds empty eyes-
#truth #vanity

-hundreds of pics taken-
-whittled down to one-
-more perfect then I am-
#vanity #truth

- beauty rampant humanity -

obsession grand commodity

- evolving sophisticates -

- perfect faux -

- natural woe -

-with clear intent I surrender-

-exciting at what may come of you-
-in time-

-you reflect my beauty-

#truth #vanity

-am letting go-
-ready to grow-
-old gracefully-
-this suits me-
- I do not wish -
- to see eternity-
- in this simple vessel -


As zealots guard in shame.
With closed minds.
Do they miss the dawn.
>>> <<<
silence observes the passing noise
>>> <<<
vast the web we weave
a timeless sea
first in history
#haikuparty #twitter


The season of the night...
Offers respite...
In cooler clime...
Less sunshine...
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Conservative Culture.
Why run @ 100% when 75% will suffice.
Conserve Energy.
Slow Down.
>>> <<<
Being drawn in I let go,
floating away,
into the deep calm,
beyond knowledge,
consumed by rest.
>>> <<<
invites himself in.
So cool,
is He
winter tryst.
>>> <<<