Sunday, May 30, 2010


- beyond the flesh - the aged soul - resembles not its vessel -
#vanity #truth

-natural age-
-not the norm-
-subject ridicule scorn-
-shallow minds empty eyes-
#truth #vanity

-hundreds of pics taken-
-whittled down to one-
-more perfect then I am-
#vanity #truth

- beauty rampant humanity -

obsession grand commodity

- evolving sophisticates -

- perfect faux -

- natural woe -

-with clear intent I surrender-

-exciting at what may come of you-
-in time-

-you reflect my beauty-

#truth #vanity

-am letting go-
-ready to grow-
-old gracefully-
-this suits me-
- I do not wish -
- to see eternity-
- in this simple vessel -

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