Sunday, November 24, 2013

Waimapu My River

I walked beside my river
In the early morn
I happened upon a pukeko
He froze proud yet torn

I said "Hello baby"
He fled in an awkward flap
I laughed relishing the contact

In a clearing I rested some
Listening to a keen ruru
Hooting in the morning light

I came to the end
And watched as a tui
Coasted into a tall poplar tree

Then a shadow large coasted
before me on the field
I turned one way nothing
the other way nothing

I checked again
there he was soaring
across the river
the majestic predator
our harrier hawk

I was elated to have seen such beauty
in a short space of time
and in such a under utilized space
joy bubbled within I was thankful

I turned to retrace my steps
and head home
I stopped again in the clearing
leaning upon a weeping willow

I heard commotion on the water
Then I saw them two black teal
Babies it seemed coasting through the water
being startled by their own shadows

I love these duck
they are so beautiful
and neat in their stature
Unique they are

So home I walked
with added vigor
from the beauty I had
been fortunate enough
to have witnessed.

No Tauranga ahau
Ko Mauao te maunga
Ko Waimapu te awa
Ko Camelia taku ingoa