Monday, December 28, 2009

Trust in ones own silence.

Immerse in centre calm.

Answers for your questions.

Solace for your heart.

Clarity of path define within.
Tell me your secrets and I'll tell you lies.
Let me share in your yearnings and grant your desires.
Believe what I tell you and doubt not my love.
You know that I love you, beyond what is known.
If boredom does take me I'll bother you not.
But will try to maintain this farcical plot.
For you are too foolish to question intent.
So I'll keep you for spare excitement.
If you should fuss at my lackadaisical way.
I'll let you go for I've others who play.
So I promised the Universe my undying love.
I pleasured you Baby be thankful you got.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Xmas Friends

"Yay! Xmas!" I hear you say.
A time of joy, of peace, or come what may.

Who celebrates the birth of One. I admit that I know of none.

He born of Bethlehem was witnessed by Three Wise Men.

Who proferred gifts for this special Son. Though he was so Young.

A Silent Night A Holy Night, the heavens bore a star so bright.

Is this what goes through minds of many stressn over feast and penny.

What does this day mean to you? If not a day to get whats due?

For me it is a commercial Xmas, with food family the gift of presence.

Good will to one. Good will to all is it felt while shopping in ready for.

Happiness spreads this time of year, almost all rejoice in some Xmas cheer.

Happy Xmas to you my friends however you celebrate.
Share a smile laugh and hug it will be just great!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Ode...
An Ode to what...
To what Ive got...
But if Ive not...
An Ode to what...
The whispered sweet nothings, the simplest of lies.
Leads one to cherish a phantom a guise.

Love it may blossom Pure and True.

As inevitable doom slowly does ruin.


Well where to start...

Sometimes I do silly things, yes me I know its hard to believe, but I do! I like the silly things I do most are thoroughly enjoyable. I dont hurt anyone with the silly things I do, well thats what I believe, and hopefully I dont offend.

Anyhow Im writing this because recently one of the enjoyable things I do actually went awry in a spectacularly embarrassing manner! However the reason it went all pear shaped was due to inattention and trying to do too many things at once. I often avoid multi-tasking due to the unreliability of the results.

Inattention can bring about *head down in shame* conclusions which Ive recently experienced and though it is an awful feeling there is nought I can do about that now and remedied as much as I could. There may well be further consequences I will just have to wait and see...

Inattention can also bring about damningly embarrasing conclusions which can change lives forever and produce endless consequences. For example if I worked with money. (which would never be a good idea) I may in a moments inattention lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the consequences would be embarrassing, and create havoc in the righting of the wrong. Then of course that would be on my employment record and on my mind for a very long time. Well Im just making assumptions, having never been in that situation before. If Im wrong thats okay thats what assumptions are all about , YES?

Inattention can also bring about traumatic and tragic endings, that may affect many people for life and have no embarrasing consequences but instead soul wretching ones. If I was driving along lost in thought not really concentrating on what was going on around me and then maybe took my eyes off the road for a second I may hit someone or cause an accident by wandering over the centre line, a number of situations may present. The consequences of inattention here would obviously cause great pain and numerous long term life changing consequences for all involved.

So it seems to me that even though my inattention was mostly likely only a *hang head in shame* moment. It may do me well to continue to avoid situations where I am focusing on one too many things, and that I need to PAY ATTENTION!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Siren sound in twilight...

Sporadic silence in traffic...

Humming human presence...

Nights surburban sound...

Birds shuffling in the trees...

Crickets snore from lawn...

Neighbours lap dog yapping...

Dark of silence beneath...

The night has cooled...

Quiet deepens...

A new day begins...

Rise from meditation...

To traverse in my dreams...
Surburban domestics.
Theres been a breach.
The arm of the law its tentative reach.
Culture Cards like Yugi Oh played.
Tying Laws arm situation staid.
Equalitys farce just shadow a mask.
Chaos is theirs and their apparent heirs.
Resolve for a time a shaky peace.
Justice is blind.
The madness wont cease.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nothing Much To Say Except...

I have of late just been posting my poetry or what I call poetry anyhow. But I thought I might just ramble, and being a member of the Twitter family, naturally that is what I shall speak about... I love how my life has expanded this year. I have gone global, and am experiencing new ideas and people, that may never have crossed my path in conventional reality. My interaction with people half a world away has been fantastic and sharing of each others highs and lows, similarities and differences has been enlightening and has expanded my mindlife considerably. I have also been able to find those of like mind or they have found me. We Twittonians do tend to go on and on about our wonderful little world quite alot but that is because it is a wonderful world. Fun, Laughter, Sadness, Friendship, all sorts of interaction between all sorts of individuals it is fantastic! Highly recommend it to anyone.

Well, I went onto twitter standard today wanted to look at the lists and follow them, last I knew I was on like 98. Well the lists had gone! Oh no has everyone cut me?! haha. I mentioned this to my tweeps, and received answers in splits. Twitter had been having issues with the lists and had temporarily removed them, yayy! I hadnt been jousted by my peers! That is the exact reason I love twittter you are connected to many and more often then not they are supportive, caring and will give you an answer when you need. im not to sure how long Ive been on this computer? Im at the library so time is literally money. I usually go on mums but her net is less reliable than anything twitter can dream up. Think Ive emptied my head for the time being not much there as you can see. Lol.

Have fun be healthy and wise, love one another, reach for the stars... yada yada yada... ciao!