Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nothing Much To Say Except...

I have of late just been posting my poetry or what I call poetry anyhow. But I thought I might just ramble, and being a member of the Twitter family, naturally that is what I shall speak about... I love how my life has expanded this year. I have gone global, and am experiencing new ideas and people, that may never have crossed my path in conventional reality. My interaction with people half a world away has been fantastic and sharing of each others highs and lows, similarities and differences has been enlightening and has expanded my mindlife considerably. I have also been able to find those of like mind or they have found me. We Twittonians do tend to go on and on about our wonderful little world quite alot but that is because it is a wonderful world. Fun, Laughter, Sadness, Friendship, all sorts of interaction between all sorts of individuals it is fantastic! Highly recommend it to anyone.

Well, I went onto twitter standard today wanted to look at the lists and follow them, last I knew I was on like 98. Well the lists had gone! Oh no has everyone cut me?! haha. I mentioned this to my tweeps, and received answers in splits. Twitter had been having issues with the lists and had temporarily removed them, yayy! I hadnt been jousted by my peers! That is the exact reason I love twittter you are connected to many and more often then not they are supportive, caring and will give you an answer when you need. im not to sure how long Ive been on this computer? Im at the library so time is literally money. I usually go on mums but her net is less reliable than anything twitter can dream up. Think Ive emptied my head for the time being not much there as you can see. Lol.

Have fun be healthy and wise, love one another, reach for the stars... yada yada yada... ciao!

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