Thursday, May 31, 2012

~ right now is perfect - 

if we just pause

- take a breathe - 

then be in the moment 

- release the worries - 

held deep and secret ~ 


29 May 2012
~ in a song a soul is bared - secrets shared - love endeared ~


29 May 2012
Tom Waits wailing at the Gates of Hell to assure sinners 

they have arrived at the right place.

(a tweet to @kiwisnake)

28 May 2012
- the pain of the physical -

- the ecstasy of the mind -

- the growth of the soul -


28 May 2012
the sky grey 
the air warm and wet
not vengeance
just as it is
natural occurrence
of a universal organism


28 May 2012
~ with sacred heart ~

she breathes light 

~ may the universe grant this night ~

with sacred heart


26 May 2012
from one we come to one we return

love the one you are in life

life is good


26 May 2012
she twirls in the moonlight

the night moist prickles her skin

her eyes gleam with lunar sight


26 May 2012
 you know it wont always be  
 she reaches out to touch him 
 he turns away 
 he walks out 

26 May 2012

~ what happens when one stops trying - 
- when constant ceases to exist - 
- who will know - 
- or care ~

26 May 2012

Thursdays are like the door to the weekend, because Friday has the feel of freedom.

(a tweet to @davetaylor2112 & @rachaelwarke)
24 May 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

~ when you get what you want - what will you moan about then ~ #SatisfiedNot
10:22pm - 22-05-12
- droad draining drowning -
9:18pm 22-05-12
~ leeching my last - I am done ~ #dry
9:14pm 22-05-12
~ when you take the last drop - please close and lock the door behind you ~ #StayGone
9:01pm - 22-05-12
~ If you like my shine - Don't douse me with water - Ignite with my spirit ~ #LifeIsGood
8:41am - 22-05-12

~ If you like my shine - Don't douse me with your tears - Ignite with my spirit ~ 
8:51pm - 22-05-12

Saturday, May 19, 2012

slipping in
to confused numb
the hilarious start to
dance around the edges of
my sanity thanks to
you my weakness
when we realize our mortality 
our priorities shift, evolve
we notice the beauty we once missed
we understand the idiocies of loved ones are special
all life becomes precious to us
smile, hold love in your heart
disperse at random


Into contemplation I fall stunned 
Yet knowing it would happen
For it always does 
A cyclic world we inhabit as beasts of habit
One day I will not want 
One day his love will consume me
I will be One

Friday, May 11, 2012

in a tweet - 11-05-12

- may your priorities -
hold your hand
- in your darkest hours -

in a tweet 11-05-12

~ my love eternal ~ 
tracks my mortal mind 
~ from one incarnation to the next ~ 
I am love 
in a tweet 08-05-12

She pants containing the other just. 
It rages at the bland and unwitting.
Numbly she watches the beast pace inside. #Monster

in a tweet 08-05-12

Peeking out the curtain.
Her heart cringes at the space outside the window.
Instinctively she pulls the curtains shut. #phobia

a morning tweet ~ 08-05-12

- listening to the secrets 
  in the silence 
  as suburbia stretches and yawns 
  to start another morn -

a morning tweet ~ 08-05-12

~ in distant darkness, 
the city wakes and yawns, 
it's veins whir to life, 
trucks on a mission, 
suburbia still snores ~

Friday, May 4, 2012


Staring out at into the blue,
as the breeze cools,
whispers of ice promises,
tantalize flesh and senses.
The days so muddled, so grey falling away into the abyss, unseen but palpable.
Resisting the urge to flee letting all the chaos slide from shoulder, slip from mind.
Feeling refreshed as the last drop rolls off fingertip.
Stretching long, inhaling a smile, returning to the tangible.