Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well where to start...

Sometimes I do silly things, yes me I know its hard to believe, but I do! I like the silly things I do most are thoroughly enjoyable. I dont hurt anyone with the silly things I do, well thats what I believe, and hopefully I dont offend.

Anyhow Im writing this because recently one of the enjoyable things I do actually went awry in a spectacularly embarrassing manner! However the reason it went all pear shaped was due to inattention and trying to do too many things at once. I often avoid multi-tasking due to the unreliability of the results.

Inattention can bring about *head down in shame* conclusions which Ive recently experienced and though it is an awful feeling there is nought I can do about that now and remedied as much as I could. There may well be further consequences I will just have to wait and see...

Inattention can also bring about damningly embarrasing conclusions which can change lives forever and produce endless consequences. For example if I worked with money. (which would never be a good idea) I may in a moments inattention lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the consequences would be embarrassing, and create havoc in the righting of the wrong. Then of course that would be on my employment record and on my mind for a very long time. Well Im just making assumptions, having never been in that situation before. If Im wrong thats okay thats what assumptions are all about , YES?

Inattention can also bring about traumatic and tragic endings, that may affect many people for life and have no embarrasing consequences but instead soul wretching ones. If I was driving along lost in thought not really concentrating on what was going on around me and then maybe took my eyes off the road for a second I may hit someone or cause an accident by wandering over the centre line, a number of situations may present. The consequences of inattention here would obviously cause great pain and numerous long term life changing consequences for all involved.

So it seems to me that even though my inattention was mostly likely only a *hang head in shame* moment. It may do me well to continue to avoid situations where I am focusing on one too many things, and that I need to PAY ATTENTION!!!


  1. Good blog.

  2. Thankyou Bebedores do Gondufo I appreciate you reading me. Sorry I havent figured out how to reply directly, I plan to learn.