Friday, August 24, 2012

Tui Sings A New Tune

From the neighbours trees again.
 A different Tui I believe sings so wonderfully!

The one the other day didn't have the finesse of this one.
Here is his video - tui in the kowhai tree you be the judge.

I believe Tui have the ear of like a Lyre bird in that they can mimic sound.
I just don't think they reproduce it very well.
So they can actually have very different songs though always marked by it eerie beauty.

In my old neighbourhood there used to be one that sounded sick.
He'd do a slight call choke and gurgle it was hilarious.
What he may have heard to get that call I have no idea!

Tui are also frolicksome drunks!
They swoop about crazily protecting their tree and often see,
three or more vying for the same 'choice' tree.

They are beautiful to watch. 

Mostly black birds 
with a metallic peacock blue and emerald green sheen.
A little larger than the 'blackbird'with a white tuft under its chin make it striking.
Has been called The Parson Bird due to this characteristic.

They also have an amazing wing flight sound,
which I hope to capture one day.


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