Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cuttin' The Caffeine

So I had been feeling a little head coldy the past couple of days.
I know I had been sleeping more than enough.
I had however been drinking coffee again,
which seems to come with these side effects for me.
I have been trying (half arse-edly, as is my way) to give coffee up.
As for many a year now I thought it maybe contributing to my lethargy, my listlessness .
So yesterday I stopped, once again and chose tea over coffee.
By lastnight I was feeling markedly different, for the better.

So this morning,
I am again on the tea (spoken like a true drinker)
though I so want for the coffee taste.
(yeah right, so not strung out and shaking, I'm not!)
But I thought I'd ask google about the difference in caffeine content.
I wondered is it the levels of caffeine or perhaps some other chemical reaction.
I was actually really surprised at the extreme differences.

According to diff-en
Coffee is between 80-185mg per 8 ounce cup depending on bean & brew.
Tea is between 17 - 70mg again depending on type & brew.
I really like this diff-en site, I will read through more thoroughly.
(one day)
It does mention how tea releases it's caffeine slower,
 thereby being a more gentle brew for the body.
I think it can answer most the questions I have about,
composition, the benefits, and negative effects, which is fantastic!

Ciao for now!
 I'm off to get another 'tea'
That just doesn't have the impact of
"second coffee"

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  1. Yay a semi food post! I saw the pictures of the tea and coffee and they enticed me to come over and check your post out. Pictures are soo pretty I want a clear teacup like the one above *hint, hint* haha. As always ill come back and read the post later :) Love ya xx Janaya

    1. haha! I thought the semi food post would get you babe. lol Ahhh is that a prezzy hint? Geez Xmas will soon be here, how crazy is that! Hope you are all good down there. Love to you and your mum! xoxo