Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Perfect Man

"What is that saying? You know the one?... Women look for men, that are like their Fathers? You know the one I mean?"

Anyway I was talking with a friend of mine about the pros and cons of having a man and the type of men we'd prefer, which led me to this phrase or whatever it is?

So I now know why I am sad and lonely. I had previously only had partners who I was attracted to, men who turned me on, how STUPID am I!

Armed with this knowledge... and we all know 'knowledge is power.' I have made a list of the traits my 'Perfect Man' should have.

1. He must be a transient never stay in one place long enough to outstay his welcome.

2. He must have an addictive personality, alcoholic preferred, but druggies will be considered.

3. He must have a criminal conviction, shoplifting and bicycle theft doesn't count.

4. He must be Maori, and preferably unrelated.

"Well there you have it, my 'Perfect Man' criteria. The good thing is I know there is an abundance of men that fit said criteria, I shall be spoilt for choice! Watch out guys here I come!"

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