Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome The New Arrival 2010

I had a lovely New Years Eve. A quiet one really. I spent the evening with my mother her partner my younger brother and mums partners friend. We had a few drinks and a few more over a drinking game. Yes, a drinking game. It was fun, we had much to laugh and talk about as we waited for the new arrival.
About an hour out, from this Globally Staggered event. I was struggling to keep my eyes open. The neighbourhood was quite quiet, which was a good thing. However I slumbered my way into 2010 and we all hugged, kissed and said Happy New Year as you do. From somewhere in the neighbourhood fireworks sounded in the night we could not see from where they came but just hearing them made the night that little more special.
I ventured inside to jump into my extended world The Twitterverse and wished all a Happy New Year with the hash tag #NZNewYearsFirst. Some beautiful people congregate here and I just had to wish them all the best. There are a couple of people, who are very special to me, and I look forward to getting to know them better, and growing stronger ties.

2009 was an awesome year for me and my son. Things that had been a battle in establishing, had finally come into play. This made for a year of great learning, for my son and myself. 2008 seemed to set up 2009 like clockwork. In providing what my son needed, to be happy and secure. I believe 2009 has done the same for me, I have realized what is important for me to pursue, and what I need not continue to do. So I am looking forward to 2010, and the opportunities it will bring.

A few things I will endeavour to do in 2010;
Be more Attentive in all aspects of life.
Respect my Body it has been good to me.
Refine and Define relationships and aspirations.
Listen and Love all who cross my path.

Well that is my spiel though Ive nought to sell. I hope that everyone can find a little Peace and Love in the Year 2010. Globally many are struggling to survive. Many lack love and/or good nutrition. It is sad for many. Hopefully, those who need Love the most, will find it, if only in themselves, and those who are struggling to eat, will receive the help they need to manage. Ours is not a perfect world, but there is much we can appreciate, that may not be apparent as we yearn for something more. May hope provide help, to those who need it.


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