Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~ why not come to me ~ am I not
worthy really ~ blind insanity ~

~ Lay with me before the dawn ~
~ Stay forever in my dreams ~

I only surrender wholly to thee
You are my Night my Love
I am with None as I am with You
Every night my Love
You take Me where no other can
Again tonight my Love
You know because You are
I am
Forever Night my Love

~ on the edge of consciousness ~ drifting in and out ~
~ places to see people to do ~ yet Im totally worn out ~

~the path of one complete~
unconditional one n all
~mourning loss living joy~

~ into eternity ~ just out of reach ~
~reality breach ~ shattered moments ~

~sparrow huddled against ponga trunk ~ shelter from the wind and rain ~

~inside silence own~
quiet universe of one
~out of reach alone~

~ been no where ~ done no thing ~ am no one ~

~ the heart sings loud sings clear ~ the mind muddies her song ~

~ As you slip away you take my heart ~
~ The piece you had from the start ~
~ Be well Sweet One I wish you peace ~
~ I shall go console my grief ~

Dark breeze through the trees...
Who whispers on the wind...
Suburban sounds through eerie silence...
It's time to go in...

Im Fighting Sleep I Shall Surrender
Unto The Deep Beyond
What I Know

Time in the Twitterverse is twisted n tweaked.
Can know someone a day feels like sweet weeks...

Clouds drift across the moon.
But it will not rain soon.
On the land or in my heart,
they are just a part.

My mind simply expresses what is in my heart...
I shall think of ways to keep the two apart...

It is cold out. Will venture in.
Goodnight Eternal View.

The dark nights speckled light a universe away.

~ To Inspire Growth ~
~ Not Dependency ~
~ Is Rewarding ~
~ In Itself ~

"But where do I find true beauty?"
"You must seek within, for without you'll not find."

'Your warmth caresses ~ Savour
scent on breeze ~ I see you bloom
~ I hear you sigh ~ Nature my kind of guy'

~ To trap a dream in cybertime, a virtual dream Id have ~

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