Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hey Jonathan!

Camelia here!
I shall give this a go...

Of a Monday morning I wake up to the Shroom and there is Mr Mosen exploding into tune.

Later in my day I have to say yeehar as I round up all the horses n take up my geetar.

DJ Tyler's saddled, ready to Count his tunes with the manly man voices visiting my room!

Then later comes the Mayhem only Horvath can bring, we'll have a dance have a cry and maybe have a sing!

Then to my next morning I'll take a swig of Scotch to Dutch my courage in a tune that'll really hit the spot!

To follow a bit later with finesse and grace is Ringmaster Jeff wieldin' his wit about the place.

Then we go Down Under n say giday to Jim, he tells us how things are made and maybe where he's bin.

Later in my avo the Minx spins Sensation only from the 70's but almost every nation!

Then we ROCK around the Beer Fridge, with Mr Anthony who tweets up a storm n plays requests for me!

I miss Danny Miles and his se gue ways but respect his Empire in the podcast replays.

I try to catch Char Morby in my morning, grill my soul, then I check out what is Happening with our very own grandma!

And then we hit the Fringe with the very fringy folk who really like to theme and love to have a joke!

Then to Shon Miss Nomilicious from the 80's 90's On, we groove and we gasp to what she has dreamed of!

Really early in my morning DJ Tyler takes a bow and this is where he rocks his only 90's NOW!

Then I wake to Gordon and sometimes Mr Glass where they are live a little loud and are sometimes quite a laugh!

We Jump into the 80's where Jimbo double spins and bins a dud of a listener who kindly works with him...

Then I wake to Dave a bluesheep nonetheless who rocks my Saturday morning with tracks that are the best!

And looky who we have, yes, yet again A Free For All experience with DJ Extraordinaire he blasts out the hits keeps the dance floor hot in this little pseudo Friday spot!

Speaking of spots OMG! What have we here? an eargasm an eargasm with Dave G Oh! Yeah!

Then we crunk and rock in Rebel Fusion with Drew yeah the man! Variety and harder he'll play anything he can.

Then the Minx Mixes it up with some slow jams and a dance, before we Jump the Ditch for a kiwi - aussie  romance.

Then a Sunday Supplement it is all brand-new but Richard and Janet aint serving up the brew.

So this is my experience with the Funguys and gals they really keep me rocking let them rock your world!

Well there you go! Lol
A bit extensive, I was going to do an audio of it actually...

Hope you like.


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