Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Tiger

A man of the dark you claim, and yet you brighten the day.
With every breath you tweet, either cheeky or rather sweet.
You wit is quick and bright, you usually stump me left or right.
A fine attribute to Twitter, it's true, not all that's gold glitters.
Though weve really only recent met it does to me seem longer yet,
I would not trade a day, to catch a *smile* or play a game.
Full credit to your Mum and Dad for this fine Man, reared from a lad.
Hell you inspired me to Ode I hope your head now dont explode.
Happy Birthday! Birthday Boy! Thank God! I cant play the lute!
Just remember before you go to work take off the birthday suit!

Have an awesome day mwah!


  1. LOL! Oh, you're so clever when you wax lyrical! Great poem! Did he read it? What did he think?

  2. Thanks Babe! It wasnt hard with such a character as a muse!! As you well know he is colourful!! He said aww thankls thats sweet or something like that. I think he liked it? Lol.