Thursday, October 15, 2009

A God Send

One winters eve there is a knock at the door. I open it and find two well groomed young men standing there with angelic smiles. I know who they, and why they are here, I smile deeply inside, slightly on the outside. I offer them entry they decline, after inquiring if there was another person in the house, and I said, "no."

The taller of the two begins his spiel "We are here...." I know what you are here to do, you wish to save me from the most awful afterlife. I still smiling both inwardly and outwardly. In my mind I ask, "Why, why send me beautiful young men, you know this wont work." I laugh, not outwardly. "You tease!"

The Elder continues his spiel. I smile and nod, he pauses.

"I don't think you have anything for me. I have read the scriptures, I know what it says, I know what I believe." I am actually very nervous, my voice quavers, I shake. I do not like to talk about these things, they are too insubstantial in a world of substance. Annie Lennox singing 'don't mess with a missionary man' missionary ooh! Reality bite. He speaks "Oh you have?" in his American drawl. "Have you read the Book of Mormon?" I reply "I haven't read the whole book, I have looked through it though." He offers "Oh so you know that .... confirms...?" I'm so not enjoying this. "Yes I understand what the book is getting at, but it still does not interest me." He continues on "Okay well would you mind if I leave this brochure which tells you how...and we can come back at a later date to discuss any questions you may have." I am now just wanting them to leave which is of course the whole plan. " Yeah okay I will" I relent...

So off they trot after being surprised that I have a copy of The Book of Mormon. "My friend gave it to me" I explained. Which she did. She saw me reading it when we were away camping and thought I should have it she shoved it in my bag. I did not lie to the missionary man. I secretly hoped they would and wouldn't return...

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