Monday, August 17, 2009

To Purge or not To Purge

The other night on NZ's TV3, one of the long time presenters had her farewell, and they played Lou Reed's Perfect Day. I was in tears as I watched the clips of her time in TV with this song to carry it.

I then thought about songs that dig deep and rip your heart out.

The songs I wanted to hear were: Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue's-Where the Wild Roses Grow and the song from Home and Away, Shane's song. I didnt know who sang it or what it was called. I mentioned on Twitter that I wanted to know what this song was, and one of my tweeps told me that the Tribute to Shane and Angel was on You Tube. Thanks Babe. The song Shane's song is by Hunters & Collectors-Throw Your Arms Around Me, a beautiful song, a stunning tribute to the life and death of a fictional character. It to this day stirs the soul.

So I went to You Tube and, I saw the tribute and I cried shamelessly, it was absolutely wonderful to re-live that moment of sweet tragedy. To feel so scoured so purged, it felt real good.

So I have now listened to these three songs many times, Lou Reed's-Perfect Day, Hunters And Collectors-Throw your Arms Around Me, and Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue's-Where The Wild Roses Grow. I also added: Queen's-Who Wants To Live Forever, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus'-Your Guardian Angel, Michael Jackson's-Earth Song, Madonna's-Frozen, Neil Young's-Needle and the Damage Done, and Mariah Carey Boyz II Men's-One Sweet Day. This list is ever growing as I sit and write this post.

But why, why do I choose to torture myself, with such beautiful and haunting music? I'm not having any major soul destroying problems. This is in fact one of the best years of my life, things are going swimmingly well for me. Is it just a need for release? I guess so.

I guess because I am an emotional creature, an understatement really.

I need to feel pain and to release the tension that words cannot release. Tension that is not bought on by anything, but everyday living and breathing. I assume it is a normal practice? I am not sure I've yet to meet anyone, I'd freely insult by calling them 'normal'. I do feel better for the purge, I feel cleansed, and feel I have a clearer perspective. I may just be totally deluded!

So I would encourage purging through music, it's drug free cheap and all your own. Don't use my purge list, it is special to me for many, many reasons. You'll have your own already.

Purge through the magic of music.

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